My therapeuthic approach

My professional practice focuses on a new form of practice, where we are both responsible for your personal improvement process. It’s a professional space of high level, where you will share, learn and grow personally, in an absolutely confidential, sympathetic and respectful environment.
We will be working together from the very beginning, and thanks to this effective and dynamic therapy, we will find the best solution to your worries and issues.

Every patient is unique, therefore every therapy must be tailored and unique, too. That’s the reason why the right combination of techniques and creativity is essential in each treatment.

We will be operating at many levels: mind and body, feelings and reactions, physiological and bodily responses, such as somatizations. We are holistic entities, the treatment must include all of those aspects, otherwise it would be inefficient.

Most people think of a psychologist as the person they can tell their problems to. In a certain way, this is true. Still, by merely listening to your problems, I would only boost beliefs, behaviors and feelings that are clearly out of balance and impaired, and this doesn’t lead to any solution.

Moreover, my therapeutic approach doesn’t only treat psychopathologies. It is also oriented to the achievement of goals, personal development (e.g. people with high abilities and talents) for people who wish to make the most out of their skills. Musicians, artists, athletes and businessmen improve their innate qualities thanks to the therapy.

Once the therapy is finished, the results will be: better self awareness, improved self-esteem and personal efficacy.